G0L3M by Justyna Chaberek

Duration: 8 Minutes.

Direction: Justyna Chaberek & Thilo Garus
Creative Direction, Visual Architecture & Costume Design: Marina Orellano
Videography: Thilo Garus
Editing: Lucas Deschle
Performers: Marina Orellano, Justyna Chaberek, Anna Benhakova
Original Score Composition: Giancarlo Brambilla
Vocals: Justyna Chaberek
Choreographic Consultations: Anna Benhakova
Costumographic Implementations: Atelier Planeta
Vocal Recordings: Jan Duben
Technical Assistance: Pavel and Jarda

Produced in the Studios of: POKROK Studio & Petrohradska Kolektiv in Prague

Thanks to the grants from VARP for Performing Artists and Czech-German Fund for the Future